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  • 2020年04月01日「一」「方」「面」「是」「老」「牌」「的」「基」「金」「公」「司」「或」「者」「规」「模」「排」「在」「前」「面」「的」「基」「金」「公」「司」「可」「以」「多」「考」「虑」「,」「另」「外」「我」「们」「可」「以」「选」「择」「规」「模」「是」「在」「中」「等」「的」「规」「模」「,」「但」「是」「有」「特」「色」「的」「公」「司」「。」
    2020年04月01日CCTV News: Agriculture and Rural Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Deputy Director Han Xu in response to reporters asked, the relevant documents are to specify which animals belong to livestock and poultry, not terrestrial wildlife. Livestock and poultry mainly refers to human to meet the needs of meat, eggs, milk, fur and other needs, after a long period of labor domestication of various animals, and wild animals have a great difference.
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    2020年04月01日In recent years, China has continuously improved the relevant laws, regulations and policy systems concerning intellectual property rights, stepped up administrative law enforcement, strengthened law enforcement guidance, deepened reform in the field of judicial adjudication, continuously improved the protection mechanism, improved its work system and achieved positive progress and remarkable results in all aspects of intellectual property protection, which has been widely recognized by all walks of life.
    2020年04月01日With the resumption of production and work in various parts of the country, Guyuan took the transfer of employment as an important measure to increase the income of the masses and win the battle against poverty.It actively docked with Fujian employment enterprises and carried out a \"point-to-point, one-stop\" organized transfer of employment to deal with the impact of the epidemic on employment and strive to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic.